Thursday, February 14, 2013

FECRS trainwatching at the Stuart Bridge 2-13-2013

FECRS trainwatching at the Stuart Bridge
  Lot of fun as members of FECRS gather for some laughs, good conversation and of course
dinner. Throw in some great train watching, and you've got a fine little party right in front of
the Stuart Bridge on February 13, 2013.
  Joining cabooseMikey were Richard Benjamin, Noel Weaver, Jim and Mark Kovalsky, Byron
Hartunian, Don Delitz, Brian Sherman, Jerry Groothouse, Paul Gray and special guest Ari Van
Urk from the Netherlands.
Here take a vid look:

FEC107 Feb 13, 2013
Heard the rumble and looked out my hotel room window to see FEC107 dragging the rear-end
past the Stuart Bridge at 11:24PM. Plenty of double stacks over on the next block. No vid on
this one, sorry.

FEC222 Feb 13, 2013
Paul Wilson and Tim Walker laughing as they ease across the Stuart Bridge this evening on 106 and 717 with a fine train. Paul Gray spotting a NYC gon in there.
EoT past MP260 at 9:23PM.
FEC222 feb 13, 2013 vid link:

a look at the north bound Stuart Bridge home signal.

FEC101 Feb 13, 2013
Jim and the ECH glad to see us as they creep across the Stuart Bridge on 105 and101, 710 with
racks and IM.
EoT past MP260 at  7:33PM.
FEC101 Feb 13, 2013 vid link:

FEC937 Feb 13, 2013
439 across the Stuart Bridge, got tropicals on there.
EoT past MP260 at 6:40PM.
FEC937 Feb 13, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Feb 13, 2013

On site under the Stuart Bridge for the FECRS trainwatching event this evening. Bridge
locked down at 3:45PM. Tony bringing 107 and 140 with a great train across the bridge, no
freight cars on this one, though.
EoT past MP260 at 4:03PM.
FEC202 Feb 13, 2013 vid link:

Caboose Mikey I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking and sharing these videos. I sent my son the video and he showed it to my grandbaby who got to see her Papa in action.
She is a No. 1 railfan in the making! Thanks so much.
Glad y'all had a grand time. It showed...
Tim Walker and family.
Such kind words from a true southern gentleman, but it is I and my train-fan friends who thank you, Mr. Tim, for all the kindness you show us.
Through the magic of the vid cam we all can share the grand times that train watching brings us - what a wonderful tool we have been given.
Most important to me though, is the sharing between father and son, and now grandbaby. Just a short few (60) years ago I watched my own father up there on that seat; I know exactly what your little one got to see ... and I am delighted that her Papa is so proud.
So, Night Train Tim - what is our newest railfan's name?
Best regards, cabooseMikey.
Miss Morgan Walker. 1 1/2 yrs.
I snuck her daddy in the seat for a trip around the wye at Bowden about 29 years ago.
Thanks to Yorkovitch, my co-hostler and fellow horse thief, we let him sit in the seat around, and then took some pictures for posterity.
He never forgot it and now his little girl loves trains. Hows that for protecting the future of the craft? Naysayers don't always know what they are talkin about. You are 'absolutely correct' (Neil RIP) in that people have been given certain tools for 'new rail fanning' into the future.
Life is good, and I appreciate the kind words. I've had a fire burning for three days and am wore out. The firelite is making me drowsy and off to bed I go. Even the Night Train sometimes likes to sleep while it's blessedly dark. Take care...
The best to you and your lovely Mrs Caboose...

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